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PDO Threads

PDO THREADS are dissolvable sutures made of polydioxone.


Threads are absorbed in 4-6 months thereby stimulating collagen production around area of insertion. Results last 1-3 years and longer when using adjunct therapies such as PRP, neuromodulators, microneedling, and fillers.

• Minimal downtime

• Suitable for patients that are not ready for surgical or invasive



The indications for PDO threads are as follows:


1. Face Contouring

-Cheek enhancement

-Jawline lift

-Brow lift

-Nose augmentation

-Wrinkle attenuation

2. Body Contouring

-Upper arm and chest tightening

-Abdominal tightening and reduction


-Knee lift

-Ankle reduction

-Crow's feet and peri-orbital zone



-Upper lip


3. Skin rejuvenation—general and atrophic scars

4. Skin tightening

5. Pore size reduction

6. Neck lift

-Double chin reduction

7. Hair Restoration

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